Alzheimer's Center

The completion of the Alzheimer's center of "Christ the King"

Renovation and expansion of the Dalmanutha Center – Alzheimer Center & Elderly Care House

Situated on one of the most beautiful hills of Nahr El Kalb, facing the Mediterranean, Christ the King was founded  in 1950, with the mission of serving elderly,  specifically retired priests. Christ the king Sanctuary is a landmark. In Lebanon with the beautiful mosaic church, the majestic statue ,  the Virgin grotto, the museum and the large square. The sisters began to renovate the Monastery few years ago to expand it and make it a unique center for Alzheimer in the region.  But due to lack of funds the project got delayed. The project is in its last phase of construction .  70% is already achieved. It needs your help to be completed. In Lebanon, there are 123 residential institutions for the elderly with an average capacity of 100 beds per institution, mostly with inadequate services. The number of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease in Lebanon is estimated to be around 20,000 cases but studies expect an increase to reach 30,000 cases in 2025.

Why Dalmanutha?

The name Dalmanutha comes from Aramaic. It is found mentioned in the Gospel of Mark 10/8. This is the village where Jesus and his disciples found rest after the miracle.Dalmanutha will be the first Alzheimer center in the region, welcoming patients in different departments: Specialized service for patients with Alzheimer, Day reception for elderly, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Recreation Center.The project’s internal total Space is 12,825 sqm., in addition to the outdoor space of 6,000 sqm. ,and parking of 5,000 sqm.  It will welcome 171 patients

How can you help?

Any type of donation can help the sisters to finish the works of the Alzheimer’s center.
In kind donation or any type of support is welcomed. For more information, kindly email

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