Friends of the Lebanese
Franciscan Sisters

Support the Sisters for running their missions and respond
to their daily communities' critical needs.

Friends of the Lebanese
Franciscan Sisters

Support the Sisters for running their missions and respond
to their daily communities' critical needs.

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Newly established non-profit effort in the USA aiming to support only the honorable and essential humanitarian mission that the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross lead in Lebanon.

Bring to light the Congregation's vital mission in Lebanon to create a financial support system that will provide a sustainable source of funds for the various institutions. The Sisters dedicate their lives unconditionally and under extreme duress to serving the desperate and the needy, irrespective of social background. The people they serve in many of their institutions, unfortunately, generally rely exclusively on the Sisters’ service. Most of the patients in the psychiatric, elderly, or orphanage facilities, are full-time in-patients, needing life-long help and in many cases, are abandoned by their families.
The institutions are their homes, and the Sisters are their families.

The country of Lebanon has been experiencing an unprecedented economic collapse. The pandemic, coupled with the local currency’s hyperinflation and the devastating explosion on August 4, 2020, have all but paralyzed the country. Ministries such as the Franciscan Sisters of Cross, historically, have relied, in large part, on government support for many of their needs. Unfortunately, the Lebanese government is failing comprehensively on its obligations, threatening the survival of this essential mission which serves more than 3,000 patients, 3,000 students and 2,000 employees and their families. For example, the current daily allowance for an in-patient at the psychiatric hospital is around $2.00, including food and medication.

Our effort debuted just after the explosion in Beirut on August the 4th, 2020. The cause was heavily promoted after our meeting with Reverend Bishop Gregory Mansour in Brooklyn and later endorsed by his Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan & Bishop Abdallah Zaidan. Since September 2020, more than 1 million dollars in aids. The effort gathered a lot of momentum from individuals and organizations alike. We were able to provide a substantial amount of help, from cash contributions to food shipments, and from donations in kind for medicine to funds to rebuild damaged intuitions. Today, we are turning this effort into a more robust infrastructure supported by a team devoted to supporting the Sisters’ vital mission.

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About the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross

The Congregation of the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the cross was founded in 1930 by Beatified Father Jacques Haddad Capuchin, “Abuna Yacub,” with a sacred mission to care for the sick and educate the youth. The Founder committed the Sisters to the Franciscan family and wanted to nourish their lives with the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor’s spirituality.

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Blessed are those who listen to God’s calling and respond as Samuel did.
- Abuna Yaacub