Friends of the Lebanese
Franciscan Sisters

Championing one of Lebanon's largest humanitarian efforts,
dedicated to serving 3000 patients and educating 3000 students across
all religions, races, and ethnic backgrounds.

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Friends of the Lebanese
Franciscan Sisters

Support the Sisters for running their missions and respond
to their daily communities' critical needs.

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FLFS-USA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the USA, dedicated exclusively to supporting the mission of the sisters. As a tax-deductible entity, it stands asa beacon of hope, channeling resources and efforts solely towards aiding the sisters' endeavors.

Our goal is to highlight the extraordinary commitment of the Sisters, who tirelessly offer unwavering care,even amidst formidable obstacles. We strive to create a reliable and enduring support system, supplying essential resources for the day-to-day needs of those under their care. Furthermore, we are dedicated to refurbishing and upgrading their current facilities. Your support of our mission is invaluable, providing a critical support line to those in greatest need.

Lebanon is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis, marked by an extraordinary collapse and hyperinflation of its currency. Traditionally,organizations like the Franciscan Sisters of Cross have relied significantly on government aid to achieve their mission. However, with the escalating crisis,the Lebanese government has been unable to meet its responsibilities, putting the critical services provided by the Sisters at risk. These services are crucial for over 3,000 patients, 3,000 students, and the livelihoods of 2,000 employees and their families. A stark example of the impact of this economic turmoil is evident in the psychiatric hospital run by the Sisters. The government's daily allowance for an in-patient, intended to cover all needs including food and medication, has dwindled to barely half a dollar. This situation highlights not only these verity of the economic conditions but also the critical need for support and the urgency of the Franciscan Sisters of Cross's mission in these challenging times.

We dream of a world where each person, irrespective of their background or ethnicity, can lead a life filled with dignity, compassion, and hope. Our goal is to be the spark that ignites significant improvements in the lives of the underprivileged, and to be a beacon of positive transformation in our community.

Empowerment: Envisioning a Lebanon where the sisters' mission is bolstered by a strong, enduring support system,enabling them to consistently offer crucial aid to those in need.
Unity in Diversity: Cultivating a society where differences in social and religious backgrounds are bridges that connect us, uniting us in our collective effort to support the destitute and needy. 
Inclusivity: Creating a haven where orphans, psychiatric patients, and abandoned elderly find comfort, a sense of belonging, and ongoing care in our facilities, recognizing that over 65% of our patients are non-Christians.
Lifelong Care: A pledge to our beneficiaries, offering them not just temporary shelter but a lifelong home, with the Sisters serving as their extended family.
Meaningful Impact: Making a substantial and enduring difference in the lives of society's most marginalized, with our influence extending well beyond our institution's boundaries.
Inspiration: Serving as a model for others, encouraging the broader community to join us in our endeavors, nurturing a more empathetic and caring society. We aspire to be a beacon of hope, an emblem of empathy, and a dynamic agent for positive change in Lebanon. With your backing and collaboration, we aim to reshape lives and forge a brighter future for everyone.

Franciscan sisters

About the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross

The Congregation of the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the cross was founded in 1930 by Beatified Father Jacques Haddad Capuchin, “Abuna Yacub,” with a sacred mission to care for the sick and educate the youth. The Founder committed the Sisters to the Franciscan family and wanted to nourish their lives with the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor’s spirituality.

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"'My religion is Lebanon." - Abuna Yaacub