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Lebanon's healthcare sector is currently facing a catastrophic situation due to the economic crisis, further aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.Hospitals are struggling to maintain their capacity to deliver essential medical services amidst a severe shortage of critical resources.

In these challenging times, your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. Moreover, engaging with our mission can also have a profound, positive impact on your own life. This reciprocal effect is exemplified by the story of Dr. Christopher Chapman and his wife Judith. Deeply moved by their first encounter with the Sisterhood in Lebanon,they have since become devoted supporters, contributing over 20 shipping containers of vital medical supplies and food. Their involvement with our mission has not only aided us significantly but has also enriched their own lives.

Why Your Support Matters?

Your donation is crucial for sustaining hospitals and providing them with the necessary materials and instruments to continue their operations. The demand for consumables is extraordinarily high, and hospitals are in urgent need of:

- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Masks, gloves, gowns, aprons, shoe covers, etc.
- General Surgery Instruments: Needles, sutures, catheters, scissors,etc.
- Diagnostic Instruments: Stethoscopes, oximeters, nebulizers, etc.
- Laboratory Instruments: Trays, carts, etc.
- Hygienic Products: Diapers, cleaning products, etc.
- Medications: Chronic and over-the-counter drugs.
- Textiles: Cotton underwear, towels, sheets, loungewear, etc.
- Food: Powdered milk, various proteins, and other essential food items.

Your contribution plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these hospital scan continue to provide care and service to those in need. It's an opportunity to be part of a meaningful cause, one that not only aids others but also brings fulfillment and purpose to your own life.

How can you help?

For more information or to discuss how you can help, please feel free to contact us via email at Your involvement is not only vital to our mission but also a testament to the power of collective effort in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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