Alzheimer's Project

Thanks to your invaluable support, we are nearing the completion of astate-of-the-art Alzheimer's treatment center, a pioneering facility in theregion. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide specialized care and advanced treatment for Alzheimer's patients, madepossible by your generous contributions.

Dalmanutha Center – Alzheimer Center & Elderly Care House

This pioneering project is a significant step towards addressing a crucial medical necessity while also aligning perfectly with our wider charitable objectives. We're excited to share that the hospital construction is already 85% complete, marking a major milestone in our journey. However, tofully realize this vision, we rely on your support. Your generous contributions are essential not just for completing the construction but also for outfitting the facility with cutting-edge technology and resources. This investment will enable us to provide the highest quality of care to Alzheimer's patients, making a real difference in their lives and the lives of their families. Your support at this critical stage will help transform our vision into a tangible reality, creating a center of excellence for Alzheimer's care.

Your contribution holds immense potential to propel forward the advancements in Alzheimer's treatment and research. By supporting this cause,you're directly impacting the lives of numerous individuals who are in dire need of these services. Your involvement in this fight against Alzheimer's disease isn't just an act of generosity; it symbolizes hope and a chance for a better future for all those affected. Every contribution, no matter the size,can lead to significant strides in combating this challenging condition and can provide hope not only to those directly affected but to all of us who envision a world with better healthcare solutions.

How can you make a difference?

Your support, be it financial or in-kind, plays a crucial role in the realization of the Alzheimer's center. Every form of donation is invaluable and contributes significantly to our mission. We welcome and appreciate all types of assistance. To learn more about how you can contribute or to get involved,please feel free to reach out to us at Your involvement is not only a contribution to a noble cause but also a step towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's.

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