Vital Assistance

Lebanon is currently enduring an array of crises, with its local currency devaluing by over 99%. This economic turmoil has brought about an urgent need to ensure the sustainability of the congregation's institutions, which are a lifeline for more than 8,000 individuals. These beneficiaries depend on a variety of services, including healthcare, education, psychiatric care, and protection, all of which are now at risk due to the country's economic instability.

Why is your Support Vital ?

Your generosity plays a critical role in enabling the congregation to sustain its institutions, especially the psychiatric hospital and four centers that provide care to vulnerable groups, including drug addicts, abandoned individuals, and elderly people suffering from chronic diseases. The congregation is grappling with resource shortages and rampant inflation, making it increasingly difficult to procure necessities such as food, milk, clothing, and hygiene products. The beneficiaries of these services are wholly reliant on the congregation; any disruption or delay could have severe consequences for their health and well-being, even leading to homelessness. These institutions represent more than just facilities; they are homes, and the Sisters are family to those they serve.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Your contribution is instrumental in empowering the congregation to meet the basic needs essential for the continued operation of their institutions. Donations will be utilized to procure vital supplies like food and essential products, as well as to cover operational costs. Your support ensures not just the survival but the flourishing of these vital services in a time of unprecedented crisis.

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