The Call

The country of Lebanon has been experiencing an unprecedented economic collapse. The pandemic, coupled with the local currency’s hyperinflation and the devastating explosion on August 4, 2020
have all but paralyzed the country.

The Call

Lebanon is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis, marked by an extraordinary collapse and hyperinflation of its currency. Traditionally,organizations like the Franciscan Sisters of Cross have relied significantly on government aid to achieve their mission. However, with the escalating crisis,the Lebanese government has been unable to meet its responsibilities, putting the critical services provided by the Sisters at risk. These services are crucial for over 3,000 patients, 3,000 students, and the livelihoods of 2,000 employees and their families.

A stark example of the impact of this economic turmoil is evident in the psychiatric hospital run by the Sisters. The government's daily allowance for an in-patient, intended to cover all needs including food and medication, has dwindled to barely half a dollar. This situation highlights not only the severity of the economic conditions but also the critical need for support and the urgency of the Franciscan Sisters of Cross's mission in these challenging times.

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