In the midst of Lebanon's severe economic and financial crisis, the education sector is facing significant challenges. Despite these difficult circumstances, the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross remain unwavering in their dedication to education. They continue to operate their three schools located in Hrajel, Ghazir, and Bqennaya, where they are committed to educating and fostering the potential of 2,944 students. This commitment underscores theSisters' determination to provide quality education and nurture the growth of young minds, even in the face of daunting challenges.

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With a donation of just $1400 USD, you can sponsor a student for an entire academic year. This sponsorship is more than financial aid; it's an investment in their future, providing them with the necessary tools and opportunities to chase their dreams. Your generous contribution ensures that these young minds receive the education they deserve, empowering them to forge a brighter future for themselves and their country.By joining this noble cause,you become a beacon of hope and knowledge, guiding these students towards a path of success and resilience. Your involvement can create a ripple effect,uplifting not just individual lives but also contributing to the nation's progress. Let's join hands to make a meaningful and enduring difference in the lives of these promising young individuals, helping them rise above the challenges they face.

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