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The Congregation of the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the cross was founded in 1930 by Beatified Father Jacques Haddad Capuchin, “Abuna Yacub,” with a sacred mission to care for the sick and educate the youth. The Founder committed the Sisters to the Franciscan family and wanted to nourish their lives with the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor’s spirituality.

About the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross

Founded in 1930 by the Beatified Father Jacques Haddad Capuchin, known as"Abuna Yacub," the Congregation of the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross is dedicated to a sacred mission of caring for the sick and educating the youth. Father Haddad aligned the Sisters with the Franciscan family,instilling in them the spirituality of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor.The Congregation, consisting of 150 nuns, is committed to serving the poor and needy through 19 institutions, making it Lebanon's largest charitable outreach. They offer assistance to individuals from all races, ethnicities, and religions, with over 65% of their patients coming from non-Christian backgrounds. Their notable institutions include Lebanon's leading psychiatric hospital, Deir El-Saleeb, and its affiliate, St. Joseph Hospital in Deir El Qamar, which together have a capacity of 200 beds. They also manage Val Pere Jacques School, a K-12 educational institution, and operate nursing homes,orphanages, and other schools across the country. Overall, their efforts support approximately 2000 mentally and physically disadvantaged individuals,200 orphans, and 700 elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's and other chronic diseases.In response to the increasing demand for Alzheimer's care, the Congregation is refurbishing the "Dalmanutha Christ the King Hospital" to be the first specialized center for Alzheimer's care in the region. However, amidst Lebanon's severe economic crisis, the Sisters face urgent challenges in maintaining their operations and addressing the critica lneeds of their communities.

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