The Congregation

The Congregation of the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the cross was founded in 1930 by Beatified Father Jacques Haddad Capuchin, “Abuna Yacub,” with a sacred mission to care for the sick and educate the youth. The Founder committed the Sisters to the Franciscan family and wanted to nourish their lives with the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor’s spirituality.

About the Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross

A community of 180 nuns, 200 doctors, 214 teachers, and 2000 employees serve unconditionally the poor and needy throughout their 19 institutions. They represent the most significant charitable outreach in Lebanon. The Sisters administer the renowned and single psychiatric hospital in Lebanon, Deir El-Saleeb and its affiliate in Deir El Qamar, St Joseph Hospital (200 beds), Val Pere Jacques School (K-12), Christ the King for retired priests, and other nursing homes, orphanages and schools. In total, they serve 1,550 mentally and physically underprivileged persons, 170 orphans, 800 elderly sufferings from Alzheimer’s and chronic diseases while educating 3000 students, mostly from underserved communities. The Congregation is also responding to the ever-emergent growing need to cater to patients with Alzheimer’s by rehabilitating the “Dalmanutha Christ the King,” which will become the first such center in the region.In this time of an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon, the Sisters are lifting a cry for help to keep their doors open and meet their communities’ critical needs.

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