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The institutions run by the Lebanese Franciscans Sisters of the Cross

Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross

Founded in 1930, it is one of the most important projects that incarnate the goal and characteristic of the Congregation. It hosts the most miserable individuals suffering from all kinds of mental and psychological disabilities. It takes care of people from all confessions and nationalities and all those who come to it, taking the water source as an example, according to the Founder’s wish. Today, the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross hosts one thousand patients of whom 54% are non-Christians. It is considered to be one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in the Middle East.

Hospital of the Sisters of the Cross – Deir El-Qamar

A hospital for mentally or physically disabled girls... It hosts today 255 girls. In 1937, the institution expanded to include an internal school for orphan girls, offering them primary education and vocational training. The Sisters continue today this mission with dedication and devote all their energy to these patients of all ages, and particularly to the most miserable of them who have been marginalized by disease.

Hospital of Our Lady for chronic diseases – Antelias

Founded in 1946, it is an hospital for physically disabled and elderly. It hosts today 535 patients who come for treatment or for spending their last days in an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort with the good surveillance of the nuns. In addition to medical care, this hospital provides the patients with entertainment activities, spiritual accompaniment, and the staff with spiritual and vocational training. It is worth mentioning that the hospital has become an important center and a large field for practical training, and human and vocational skills acquisition. It hosts a number of students specializing in nursing sciences and physiotherapy, from all universities and medical and nursing institutes.

Saint Joseph Hospital – Dora - Raymond and Aida Najjar Medical Center

Founded in 1948, it is one of the major health institutions in Lebanon. In spite of the destructive effects of the war, the hospital continued to function and resisted for the sake of man and the mission it holds in a wounded and suffering country. Providence intervened again in the projects of the Man of Providence, Abouna Yaacoub. It is the Providence who sent Mr. Raymond Najjar with his wife Aida to the hospital to build the highly technical and well-equipped Raymond and Aida Najjar Medical Center. The old hospital was destroyed to be replaced by a triangle composed of:
- Raymond and Aida Najjar Medical Center
- Medical Department
- Technical Department

The hospital is composed of 187 beds receives medical and nursing students from the Université Saint-Joseph and other universities for training. On October, 22, 2002, the hospital signed a partnership convention with the Saint Joseph Hospital in Paris in order to exchange expertise and develop medical and technical continuous training. The hospital is bound to apply the Lebanese Law and medical deontology along with its staff, by virtue of the Vatican Charter for the health pastorate. It meets all international standards and norms of the accreditation program of the hospital institutions decided by the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

Hospice Christ the King – Zouk Mosbeh (1950) (under rehabilitation) Dalmanoutha Christ the King, Alzheimer Center and Elderly Care House (in the future)

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross started with an extensive workshop that aims at rehabilitating the home of the priests whereas it meets all the conditions which guarantee providing the best types of service to the priest who wants to spend his third age in it with comfort and dignity. One of the main objectives of the workshop is rehabilitating it so that, in addition to the many humanitarian services it will provide, it becomes an international shrine which meets all qualifications of shrines with international classifications to attract visitors, believers and crowds and offer them the services which complement the spiritual side.

Institution of the Sisters of the Cross – Ijdabra

The Home was established under the name of the Immaculate Conception in 1977 and it is a gift by Father Francis Menhem with large lands. Since 1992, the home opened its door for disabled girls providing them with a comfortable and calm atmosphere for them to progress psychologically and socially. It hosts today 16 handicapped girls.

Institution of the Sisters of the Cross – Shlifa

This institution was inaugurated in 1989. It welcomes old and chronic patients. it hosts today 67 women and contains a dispensary that provides care for all the sick and needy people from the neighboring villages with specialized doctors. The Sisters are providing a true illumination for this region that is deprived of spiritual and social services and they are thus executing the Founder’s wish to be present in remote areas of Lebanon.

Institution of the Sisters of the Cross – Halba

In view of realizing the wish of the Founder to be present in all Lebanon, the Congregation rented a house in Halba in November 1992; it started as a workshop and an external center for disabled children. The Sisters were also given the task of ensuring catechism courses at the school that comes under the Maronite Patriarchate authority and all pastoral activities. The Sisters are present in a very efficient and constructive way. Thanks to the Providence, the Congregation obtained a piece of land of 16000m2 at Cheikh Taba to build a center for the elderly and the disabled, today under rehabilitation.

Human Care Home - Fheiss – Jordan

The Sistersstarted their mission at Fheiss – Jordan in 1995. With the help of God and thegenerosity of Father Youssef Neemat who donated a piece of land and the cost ofbuilding of the social foundation, as well as Dar al-handasah that offered theplans free of charge and the sacrifices made by the Sisters, this new center forthe elderly was built and equipped under the name of "Human CareHome". It was inaugurated in 1999 under the sponsorship of Queen RaniaAl-Abdallah. It can hold 80 beds and the Sisters provide nursing, spiritual,human care as well as entertainment services. Today, taking into considerationthe necessities of the real situation, the Congregation started to complete thecurrent construction in order to include public services that are notavailable, they are: physical and occupational therapy, cafeteria for patientsand a living room, kitchen and laundry room including all others necessitiesthat care homes for the elderly require, according to approved internationalstandards. We sincerely hope that the providence will inspire good heartedpeople so that the Congregation can accomplish through them the planneddesigns, while relying on the intercession of the founder and on the peoplewith good will and giving, generous spirits.

Val Père Jacques – Bkennaya

It is the oldest of all the schools established by Abouna Yaacoub. It opened in 1919. In 1979, the school was transferred to the vicinity of Our Lady of the Well Convent and it was called "Val Père Jacques" after its Founder and because of its geographical situation. It is one of the major Catholic schools that are proud of its official exams results and the educational goals based on the orientations of the Church and the principles, of Father Jacob in terms of education, as well as the curricula of the Lebanese State. The school is committed to the teachings of the Founder. It hosts 2335 pupils from kindergarten to the baccalaureate classes. It also ensures all kinds of activities, spiritual, national, technical, sport, scientific, cultural, extracurricular, scout, as well as an annual cultural and technical festival… . The parents’ committees, students, Alumni and teachers play an efficient role at school.

Sisters of the Cross School – Hrajel

It was established in 1957 after Blessed Jacob’s death and upon a demand made by the people of the village who wanted to keep the families in their own villages.At the outset, this school was a primary free school then it was transformed into a private intermediary school in 1974 then into a secondary school in 1993. Today it is transformed again to be an intermediary school because of the small number of the students in the classes. It applies the official curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Fine Arts and undertakes religious, cultural, artistic, scientific and sports activities. It welcomes today 283 students.

Saint Francis High School – Ghazir

In view of remaining present at the native village of its Founder and next to his family house, the Congregation bought the Saint Francis School in 2003 where he had studied and taught. It is today an intermediary school that hosts 309 students.

Sisters of the Cross School – Brummana

The school was founded in1950 in view of improving the physical, mental and spiritual situation of the Lebanese girls. Today, seeing that the house of Christ King is being renovated, the priests of Christ King have moved to this house awaiting the end of the renovations. As for the girls with social situations, they reside in our school in Hrajel, where they continue their studies, in the custody of the Sisters who accompany them on the spiritual and physical level, in order to prepare them for a prosperous, reassuring and generous future.

Our Lady of the Well Convent – Bkennaya

Founded in 1941, it is a home for postulants and novitiate. It is as well a center for spiritual retreats and religious, scientific and biblical congresses. During the celebration of the 2000 jubilee, Our Lady of the Well church was named among the pilgrimage places. In 2004, the General House was transferred there.

General Procure – Rome

Founded in 1976, the old dream that was finally realized for facilitating the relations with the Holy See. This home hosts female students from all orders and congregations throughout the world and some pilgrims.

Beth Mariam Étoile d’Orient – Lourdes

"Who goes to Lourdes, crossed three quarters of the path to paradise" (Abouna Yaacoub).Finally, our association was able to realize his dream in 2010, buying a house in front of the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. This house, Beth Mariam Étoile d’Orient, founded by Bishop Mansour Labaki, is on the road of Pau in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. This house can accommodate thirty people, and consists of a garden, a hall and a chapel. The chapel dedicated to Blessed Abouna Yaacoub was blessed in May 2009 by the Bishop of Lourdes, Monsignor Jacques Perrier. As for our mission in Lourdes, we are continuing the mission for which this house was born, that of receiving the Oriental pilgrimage to Lourdes: the will of God by our presence. The Virgin still holds surprises and great graces that we cannot even imagine. As usual, she asks for our continued confidence to let the Holy Spirit do as it pleases. She whispers: Lo Tedhal, here I am".

Sisters of the Cross – Bcheele

TheCongregation was present in Bcheele prior to the year 1977, in order to ensureteaching catechism and taking care of the preparation for the first communionas well as other spiritual activities in the surrounding villages. In Bcheele,the main concern is about spiritual activities in the parish and the spiritualaccompaniment of the nuns: the Knights of Mary, the Mary’s Brotherhood for theyouth. It is worth mentioning that this home is a gift from the late Mikhael elAchi father of our late Sister Lilia Marie.

Sisters of the Cross – Bteddine El-Lekch

The home is a donation from the two sisters Josephine and Marie Naaman El-Khoury who had links with Abouna Yaacoub. In 1995, the Sisters started their mission in teaching dressmaking and other technical works and undertaking spiritual activities in the parish, waiting to fulfill the wish of the donor family by building a foundation for the elderly. This project suited the wish of the Founder to be present in Lebanon’s remote areas.

Mar Elias Convent – Kfertay

In 1962, the Congregation had taken charge of the school and dispensary of Kfertay that belonged to Father Philippe Njeim. Twelve years later, they were returned to their owner because there was no apostolic action to be undertaken there in that unpopulated region. In 1999, Monsignor Njeim donated the house to the Congregation and expressed the wish to consecrate it to prayers and spiritual enlightenment. It is worth mentioning that Monsignor Njeim had taken Father Jacob as a spiritual guide for him.

Apostolic Nunciature in Lebanon – Harissa

As an execution of the wish of the Founder to provide direct service to the Church and to the priest, three Sisters started working at the Apostolic Nunciature in Lebanon in 1943, who remain attached to his promise in constant work with unbeatable vigor.

House of the Old Priest– Maadi – Egypt

Upon a demand made by H.E. the Patriarch of the Catholic Copts, Stephanos II Ghattas who wanted a special project for old priests under his supervision, the Congregation did not hesitate to respond to this demand so dear to the heart of Abouna Yaacoub who always asked his daughters to take care of the priests. Today, the Sisters are offering a living testimony of the service provided to the old priests and all patients, Patriarchs and Bishops, during the meetings, spiritual conferences and monthly retreats for all confessions that take place at the Home.

Saint Lucia Convent – Alexandria -Egypt

After the death of the Founder of the Blinds’ Home the Franciscan friar Father Tarcisio in March 1996, the Church Officials unanimously decided to ask the Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross to run this Home. Service in that center with the blind is at the core of the goal of the Congregation especially that the city of Alexandria is so dear to the heart of the Founder because there, he felt the call at the Saint Catherine church where he was praying. Besides the blind, the Sisters take care of the management of the dispensary and the school.

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