Kitchen Renovation

The renovation of the Kitchen of the psychiatric hospital of "Deir El Saleeb" The sisters aim to renovate the kitchen at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross. This project is very important to guarantee the sustainability of the hospital as the kitchen is providing three meals per day for 1,200 patients, therefore, a total of 438.000 meals per year.

Why renovate the kitchen?

Renovated in 1975 before the civil war, the kitchen has been providing meals around the year.
As the equipment became old and required constant maintenance and with the development of new guidelines related to food safety, the sisters planned to renovate the kitchen in 2019.
Unfortunately, the deterioration of Lebanon’s economy and the daily struggle to maintain the hospital’s services and to secure basic needs for the patients forced the sisters to put the renovation project on hold.
Meanwhile, the sisters closed the kitchen and moved to a provisional one that is not fully equipped. The catering service might stop jeopardizing the sustainability of the hospital and forcing the sisters to look for costly unsustainable alternatives.
The area reserved for the kitchen is 1.632m2 (ground floor of 816 m2 and a basement of 816 m2) and will be totally renovated and furnished with the latest equipment guarantying a proper handling of the food and a proper storage. Equipment needed range from kitchen utensils, ovens to vegetable sorting machines, cutting machines and cold storage one.
The mechanical, electrical and sanitary renovations are, as well, urgently needed.

How can you help?

Any type of donation can help the sisters to renovate the kitchen.
In kind donation or any type of support is welcomed. For more information, kindly email

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How can you help