Medical Help

The economic crisis in Lebanon has negatively impacted the health sector. Hospitals are facing dire conditions and are warning about their incapacity to carry out their work. They might soon face problems in providing surgery and urgent medical care. COVID pandemic has worsened the situation and highlighted more the scarcity of resources. 

In Lebanon, the sisters are running eight hospitals with a special focus on Psychiatric (1,550 beds) Geriatric (800 beds) and general health (200 beds). Hospitals, mainly the psychiatric and geriatric ones, receive patients with chronic diseases who needs a long term hospitalization. It is even worth to mention that some patients with psychiatric problems are either abandoned or don’t have any relatives therefore, they remain in the hospital. The psychiatric hospital receives patients from different age groups. A special department was created to children and another one to women suffering from mental illness.

Why Support?

The purpose of any donation is to keep the hospitals running by providing the needed materials and instruments. The monthly consumption of consumables is high. The hospitals constantly need the following:

●Personal protective equipment
(masks, gloves, gowns, aprons and shoe covers…)
●General surgery instruments
(needles and suture, catheters, scissors…)
●Diagnostic instruments
(stethoscopes, oximeters, nebulizers…)
● Laboratory instruments (trays, carts…)
● Hygienic products
● Chronic and OTC medications

How can you help?

By donating to FLFS, you will help the sisters to continue their mission and keep the hospitals functioning.
In kind donation or any type of support is welcomed. For more information, kindly email

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